3 Books That Will Change The Way You Think

Not everybody thinks this way, but a lot of us were brought up through a school system that taught us to work hard and find a well paying job, now of course there is nothing wrong with this, but there are so many other options out there once you open your mind, which is why I start this list with one of my all time favourite books…
#1 Rich Dad Poor Dad


“What the rich teach their kids about money, that the poor and middle class do not”

So the general message of this book is that working 9-5 in any job, even the highest paying, puts a limit on you, as you can only work a set amount of hours a day, even if you were to work every waking hour, you would still be limited as to the amount you make. Robert Kiyosaki explains the importance of building a portfolio, using the money that you make, to make more money, this message is aimed towards investing in things such as stocks and real estate, but it can be adapted to anybody’s needs, for instance you could use your money to invest in yourself, take your skills and set up business for yourself, paying other people to make money for you. This book changed the way I view life on a day to day basis, and even after reading it several times, it still opens up new possibilities for me every time I read it.


#2 Think and Grow Rich

Some books are purposeful for the now, but with time become outdated, so if you find a book that was written in 1937 that you can still find on a shelf in any good book store, you know it must have a timeless message that resonates with every generation. This is exactly what you find with Napoleon Hill’s classic. Within the book you will find the author speaking of 500 different prominent business men of the 20th century, including Thomas Edison (sure he stole ideas and took credit, but he built a thriving business from it), Alexander Graham Bell, John D. Rockerfeller and Henry Ford to name some. Though the book doesn’t really call it by name, it touches on the “law” of attraction, and the power of desire, meaning” if you desire something enough, the universe will provide it for you”. Personally I choose to look at this message in a more practical way as “if you desire something enough, you will find a way to provide it for yourself”, but either way the man makes a very valid point, nobody becomes successful without first desiring and striving for success.


#3 How to Win Friends and Influence People

This book will not only change the way you think, but will change the way you act, it will have you see humanity in a different light, it really was a revelation for me on the first read. Along with the previous book in this list, this book has also been around for the better part of a century, though it has been revised it still promotes the same message as Mr. Carnegie intended back in 1936, that small changes in our actions can have big influences on our relationships, old and new. This is a book worth reading on repeat, as the steps it takes you through can easily be forgotten due to our nature of habit, but making these principles your new “habits” could well and truly steer you on the path to greatness, not only financially, but in every aspect of life.



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